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Whie originating with Marvel Comics loveable monster The Incredible Hulk, the term can also be universally applied to almost any character who undergoes a transformation that drastically upgrades his size, power and level of mass. Often, but not always, accompanied by damage to their clothing or an increased level of musculature. But a straight increase in overall body growth without any added muscle, or a sudden increase in various physical attributes such a womans breast size can also be considered "Hulking out".
When exposed to a full moon, a Saiyan who still retains his/her tail will often HULK OUT into a giant, out of control primate.
by Doc Evil March 24, 2005
A way to refer to someone getting screwed over by getting an unpleasant task or sheer bad luck.

Coined from the security guards from the original "STAR TREK" because they always got killed on assingment.
"Roger just got totally redshirted. He's gotta clean up the bathroom that the toilet backed up in"
by Doc Evil March 12, 2005

To observe, peruse, check out.
"Wow! Scan that hot babe over there!"
by Doc Evil July 25, 2003
Something of higher priority.
The Henderson account is on the front burner for today.
by Doc Evil April 15, 2005
Formerly a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Guy Gardner is an anti-hero who butts heads with his fellow heroes almost as often as he pounds the bad guys. Still, despite his beligerent in-your-face attitude Guy has a sincere desire to protect the innocent and make those who threaten them wish they were never born. Guy never gives up and can always be counted on to cover your back. Currently goes by the alias "Warrior".
"I do a job and I do it well. Im Guy Gardner. Top THAT, fanboy!"
by Doc Evil July 26, 2003
A popular urban beverage. Mentioned in many a rap.
"Me and my homies were down at the 'hood drinkin' Gin & Juice"
by Doc Evil July 22, 2003
Another way to call attention to something.
"Yo, Lister, scan this new definition on Urban Dictionary!"
by Doc Evil March 12, 2005
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