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'The Wrench' is where one testicle is accidentally and suddenly trapped/squeezed by the central stiching line of your trousers, after remaining in a seated/slouching postition for too long. In sufferers this causes you to involuntarily leap forward/up whilst simultaneously blurting incomplete expletives.

The Wrench can also cause nausea and extended bruising in extreme cases involving Jeans. Also sometimes caused by excessive Gugging on hot days.
I was on the Sofa watching telly the other day. As I leaned over to get the remote, I uncrossed my legs and got a really bad case of The Wrench - I was on the floor for about 15 minutes, crying like a baby trying not to throw up. One of my bollocks is now Grapefruit sized.
by Dobbalina September 06, 2010
Whilst fully clothed, 'Gugging' is when ones scrotum repeatedly sticks to ones inner thigh. Predominantly experienced by male wearers of boxer shorts

While uncomfortable at the worst - extreme cases can sometimes lead to "The Wrench"

Cases of gugging (or similar) have not been reported by women as yet
It was bloody hot today, I must change my boxers - these ones have had me gugging all day...
by Dobbalina September 06, 2010
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