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3 definitions by Doba

To take something for free, either with or without someone's permission.
Hey dude, can I gank one of your beers?

-Sure man, go ahead I got plenty.

Who the fuck ganked all my beers?
by Doba July 02, 2004
449 320
when a girl gives a guy head, then he punchs her in the back of the head, causing the cum to come out her nose and resemble the tusks of a wooly mammoth.
Dude, she got pissed after i gave her a wooly mammoth. It was awesome, and I only did it cuz she sucked at giving head.
by Doba July 02, 2004
30 14
A homophobic insult; its pretty much self explanatory.
Tom Mahoney is such a fucking jizz jaws.
by Doba July 02, 2004
4 7