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a tv show (regular:17 cable:04) that constantly features women trying to prove that the man they slept with is the father. This is usually the main layout of a typical

1. Woman says i know -insert name- is the father. I'm -insert outrageous percentage here- sure he's the father
2.The man typically says i am not the father. And starts calling the woman b--ch and s-ut.
3.Woman takes the stage once again, usually commenting that he has a tiny penis like the baby
4.paternity test results are revealed, guy is probably the father.
See, i've always wondered. you know in summer the ice cream truck is always on the street. if they handed out free condoms, the Maury would fall apart.
A supermarket that started in Germany. It sells mostly generic brand food(not off-brand) that tastes just as good.
Generic really just means there's no advertising. Go on, compare Welche's Grape Soda with Aldi's Grape Soda, they will have the same ingredients and the same taste. (It's the same way with save-a-lot. It's not for poor people, just don't buy the box of cereal that happened to fall on the floor)
Guy: I'm goin to Aldi to get some Sugar Frosted Flakes
Guy2: Look at this cheap-behind nugga, can't even name brand
Guy: At least I'm not spending $5.99 on a box of Frosted Flakes, that's wasting your money.
Guy2: I don't care, I'll waste my money whenever I want to...
Guy2 realizes what he said makes him look like a douchebag
that thing that can make a guy off the street sound like Chris Brown, or some woman sound like Mariah Carey. That's why singers always sound better on CD than live on-stage.
Guy: Sometimes I wonder why singers always sound different on CD than in real person.
Guy2: Well that's because of studio magic. It can make anybody sound like they sing good. Even insert famous singer here.
Guy: Meanwhile the regular people with real singing talent are practically living in their cubicles or can't get a break.
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