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U-spot is the g-spot stimulated by yourself.
Its when a woman cums during masturbation.
She had promised him sex tonight. She new he would be home all hot and heavy. She got in her sexiest outfit, you know, the one that's see-through and lays her breasts right on top, so nice and firm, the one that cups her ass cheeks perfectly. The one that goes down just bellow her pussy to leave room for mystery. She was in it, laying spread-eagle on the bed. He walked in, already hard. She spread herself wide and allowed his large, condom covered cock inside her. He pumped. in and out, inn and out, up and down, up and down. She moaned and moaned (faking every sound, but he didn't know). Soon he came and then just slipped out of her, rolled over and went to bed. What he didnt know was that she got up and went into the bathroom, slipped her fingers inside herself and rubbed slowly and softly until her U-Spot was stimulated
by Do me Rigth round February 16, 2009
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