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Mitsubishi Galants are fast because:

1) 6g (1987-1992) Galant VR4 is the prototype of Lancer Evolution, using the same DOHC 4G63T, which is still a top level engine even in today's standard;

2) 7g and 8g (1992-2003) Galant VR4 (not legal in US) features a twin turbo V6 engine (6A12TT or 6A13TT) that makes the car totally a sick sleeper;

3) Any 6g, 7g, or 8g Galant with a 4 cylinder engine can perform 4G63T DOHC head swap or complete engine swap, and it's drop-in easy. In the US, these parts are usually taken from Evo VIII. Doing so, you'll have a Evo with Galant's clothing.
If you own a 4 cylinder Galant but don't swap 4G63T, you've lost half of your life.
by DnakOmnik May 04, 2011

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