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Short for TeamQuebec.org, a Montreal based downhill skateboarding blog. Can also be used as a verb (TQing, TQed, etc.) meaning winning or performing any action with success.
Yo, did you see MGR and Kevin taking that corner? The asphalt just got TQed!

I was totally hung over for the race but I was TQing nonetheless.
#teamquebec.org #team quebec #quebec #downhill skateboarding #longboarding
by Dmitri K October 03, 2011
A downhill skateboarding blog based in Montreal which follows the races and events in Quebec and the travels of Quebecois(e) skaters abroad. Often shortened to TQ.
Hey did you see that sick article on TeamQuebec.org last today? I totally didn't know you can lube your bearings with olive oil!
#teamquebec.org #teamquebec #team quebec #tq #tqing #quebec #montreal #downhill #skateboarding #logboarding
by Dmitri K September 30, 2011
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