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Opzy - A Negro loving nerd who find humor and romance in 2v2's in a online MMORPG called "World of Warcraft." Commonly laughed at in public for his/her relationship state; Which is souling based on a computer. No other outside source of communication, but, World of Warcraft.

Note: Nerd Raging is a common trait in these nigger loving individuals.
"Dude, Opzy was spamming trade about how he wants to meet his GF, the Lova bitch... Kinda gross."
by Dmb1027 November 09, 2011
1.) A Black female with fugly (Fu-G-Lee) teeth.

2.) A Online negro Female, involved in a Online-Relationship where thoughts of "Dating" is seen playing a Online MMORPG called "World of Warcraft."
3.) A female whore, usualy a black individual, who skanks around in an online game known as "WoW"
That Lova bitch is getting on my nerves. Someone grab a rope, lets head out to the oak tree.
by Dmb1027 November 09, 2011

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