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The new CD from Chevelle, in stores 4/3/07. featuring their single "Well Enough Alone".

Pete Loeffler - Guitar/Vocals
Sam Loeffler - Drums
Dean Bernardini - Bass
Guy: Are you gonna buy "Vena Sera" from Chevelle today?
Dude: I already have it, douche!
by Dmarzi.Strike April 01, 2007
AA, AAA, C, D, 9v are some common battery types, but there are no B type batteries. Maybe to avoid confusion with a stutter. pronounced BEBATTERIES (one word).

Made popular by comedian Demitri Martin
Do you have any B Batteries?

What kind?

B Batteries!
by Dmarzi.Strike April 01, 2007
A great band with a truely unique sound. One of the best being "Untitled Finale" from their CD DEATHGRIP ON YESTERDAY.
Untitled Finale from Atreyu
You put a bullet in my head,
turn black thoughts to red,
this could all end in tragedy,
I dream of your death,
lay you down to rest,
i wont look back in fond memory
but time marches on, like a solider,
are you a killer? I-I think I know what you are,
a thief in the night, and though its taken me so very long,
to figure you out, youre throwing stones,
your glass castle is falling down, on top of your good times
im not interested in working this out.
by Dmarzi.Strike April 01, 2007

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