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To be down with whatever is mentioned. Taken from a mock lunchables commercial "fux with it". I mean when you think about it who would deny ham and cheese between 2 crackers.
Hey man, do you want to go hit on some chicks at the mall.

Yeah bro, that's ham and cheese between 2 crackers.
by Dmanz82 November 02, 2011
Term of endearment. It would be the full version of the name brosef.
What's the good word Brosefious? Happy Birthday Brosefious? You better watch what you say Brosefious?
by Dmanz82 June 19, 2011
To steal someone's comedic material and making it your own. Comedic Plagiarism.
That fucker took my joke I was just Carlos Menciad.
by Dmanz82 August 04, 2011
is the term used to describe the raw food movement.
We just started a Raw-Volution. To adopt the raw food lifestlye would make you a Raw-Volutionist
by Dmanz82 July 31, 2011

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