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The act of eating a Twizzler out of another person's butthole. Variations include "The Hot Toddy" where the recipient fashions a straw of the Twizzler by biting off both ends and drinks a hot caffeinated beverage from his partner's anus.
"Were you at the ghetto fondue party in Atlantic City last week? I can't believe Mike ate four Twizzlers out of Kyle's ass!"
by Djrock247 November 19, 2013
Named for the city in which I recieved this wonderful gift, the "Denver Omelette" is when a man kneels above a woman's face as she sucks on his scrotum whilst another young lady simultaneously deep throats his engorged member.
The next time you're in Colorado be sure to look up Laura & Julie. They'll whip you up a MEAN Denver Omelette!
by djrock247 November 08, 2007

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