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Something that most people who add this word to Urban Dictionary, get wrong.

Ego roughly literally translates as the conscious mind or consciousness of your own identity.
Ego is something that people too often mistaken as a bad thing. If what the majority says is true, then I guess you can say that you're conscious mind or consciousness of your own identity is considered a terrible thing to have.
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by djozone March 09, 2011
The additional information that's beside Youtube videos to give more information pertaining to the video your watching.

Many people put songs in their videos and put the names of the songs in the more info. The video owners do that so people can find out what the name of the song(s) playing. But there has to be some stupid idiot who never reads the more info on videos and posts a comment "whats the name of the song? or something along those lines".
(more info)

Song: Warriors of Time
Artist: Black Tide
Viewer 1: man I like this song in the video, whats the name of it?

Video Owner: Umm, dude its in the more info!!!
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by djozone November 10, 2009
One of the most idiotic inventions known to man. The whole reason why religion was created in the first place was to try to explain the unexplainable or the unknown mainly due to what science couldn't explain at the time to make people feel more at ease when faced with the unanswerable. There are lots of people who think if it can't be explained then some higher power, force or being must have had to have done/did it and will take that as fact with hardly any or no evidence at all. The worst thing religion has done to mankind was cause religious wars. Countless of lives has been lost for something that most likely doesn't exist, is fictional and only real based on what the people of the religion say is true because they say it is with hardly any scientific evidence.
Priest: "How was the universe created?"

Scientist: "I don't know because we as humans don't possess the technology yet to come up with a correct answer to explain why and how the universe was created"

Priest: "of course science isn't going to figure out that question. you try to take something that can't be figured out scientifically only by religion and try to scientifically figure it out?"

Scientist: "well if it doesn't adhere to the laws of nature then it can't happen and doesn't exist. So how do you explain how the universe was created if you say science can't answer the question?"

Priest: "God created it."

Scientist: "Prove it!"
#religion #atheism #god #fake #fiction.
by Djozone September 21, 2010
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