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Holding onto a wood grain steering wheel
I drove past tipping gripping grain.

"You peeping him take a picture, that chrome and that paint official
You smoking then take a swisha, there's plenty just take 'em wit ya
You chilling you ain't a sipper, then I'ma be hanging wit ya
Take a hold of the grain and grip a, handful and smile for the pictures nigga"

Chamillionaire - Picture perfect
by Dj wReck April 15, 2006
Acronym for cash up front. Money is to be paid before goods and or services are recieved.
"a decision we both know
was a bad move
fam was ya street crew
where did that land you

plans for a big move
one haul C.U.F
then life'll be def
80k you were sposed to net"

CSB - Too far gone (eating now lp)
by Dj wReck April 15, 2006
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