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5 definitions by Dj Yahia

When the skin of one's sexual extremity gets caught in his zipper.
I was peeing on this asshole's motorcycle last night, but he came out of the bar, and in my hasty departure I got ziplocked.
by Dj Yahia August 09, 2007
An extremely picky eater
Pregnant Woman: I don't want any of this! I want a tamale! With peaches!
Annoyed Husband: Geez, you're such an exclusivore.
by Dj Yahia April 27, 2008
when you wipe your nose quickly with your hand or sleeve.
this gives the impression that you're giving a sort of lower-than-usual salute by moving your hand from right to left.
My brother has a really bad cold, so every two minutes he gives me a hardcore nose salute.
by Dj Yahia January 07, 2009
The combination of the words 'typing' and 'singing'. Occurs most notably when one types out the lyrics of a song for lack of other means of communicating the music.
I was trying to write an essay last night but she kept tinging move shake drop.
by Dj Yahia January 28, 2008
A man whose sexuality is uncertain
Charles has a girlfriend but was talking about how Ryan is so hot
He's a gauy

by Dj Yahia May 12, 2008