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Kansas City Missouri or Killa City Misery known for being the most violent city in america (not the most murders)but for most rapes and attacks and shootings "youll get shot but we aint got any target practice so youll live!"people get shot every day but there alive"
A Prostitute just stole my car then i got jumped on Prospect i came home and heard gun shots Killa City keeps pullin me back.
by Dj Trims January 22, 2008
a gang from Kansas City, MO that has formed out of the rollin 20's blood set, mostly from the east side of kansas city, they have been migrated to the south side and is currently inactive (so said) they wear red and black, they are followers of the People Nation and the number 5 which revolves around the People Nation and are usually outfitted with a red kc hat that is tilted to the right side and fold there bandannas square...and sometimes twist a blue,gray, or black bandanna with the red rag to signify there ties with the Folk Nation
person 1: whos that... he's dressed like a blood?
person 2: naw...well kinda its a 5 trey disciple
person 1: damn i want a hat like that!

Disciple sells a O to 'em and then robs 'em
by Dj Trims May 01, 2009
ok first off to get it out in the air im 17 years old irish and native american and a 5 Trey Disciple so in some dumbasses eyes id be a poser but no, im from the hood, born and raised but do not live there now.
im gonna give you the true People Nation throw down don't listen to other dumbass definitions.
1.people nation
2.mainly represents the 5 point start which is represents the Bloods of the people nation there are many other symbols but the generic is the 5 point star the 5 point star is a hollow star with 5 letters on each side B L L L F which is Body, Lust, Love, Loyalty, Family these are strictly enforced in the People Nation
3. the people nation did not originate in chicago although it is its main influence it is a nation wide so called treaty to put peace between fellow gangs with the same beliefs.
4. it does not matter what color you wear what color you are what gang you are in what set you are what click your in or were you live at....but beliefs, religion, and actions effect your nation (Bloods can be folk and crips can be people it does not matter
5. People Nation is to help the community although it usually does'nt
6. the Folk nation is not rivals to the People nation there are no rivals in the REAL gang world well no automatic rival ofcourse there are rivals but it is through certain confrontations but people seem to like to start trouble because someone thinks different and which is corrupted in the people nation, media and other eliments has taught gangs and sub-cultures to hate another type of person through confronations theyve never been in.
7. PEOPLE NATION IS THE RIGHT SIDE all things are worn on the right side in the people nation hybrids and other happenings has switched this up (just like the telephone game) over years and years of switching sets and people dumbasses have gotten this twisted.
8. just because your in a certain gang doesnt mean your in a nation even though that gang is usually in a certain nation
9. the illuminate does control gangs but not them all but only through the higher gangs or mafias and cartels.
10.the People nation and Folk nation is not the only nations there are so many you cant even count them, nations are just alliances. Nation a gang itself can be a nation.
11. if you ever confront a People or Folk ask them what the there 5 or 6 point star represents this will tell you if there fake or not.
12. and my GOD dont start cross'n out your c's and b's or write Ck or Bk on everything this well give it away to real Gangsters your fake as fuck and just in it to be in it...although most gangsters (real ones) dont have internet...although i am blessed with being out of the hood and i have internet and i dont live in the fuckin suburbs either.
13. real People Nation gangsters care about there education and look to make themselves wiser which revolves around B L L L F.
me: dumbass internet gangsters!
blogger: yO BiAAtCH AzZ hO im cRIp tIlL tHe DAy I DIe hO i Ce ReAL CUzZ BK BK BK<p.s. writting BK would be a violation to your poser ass rules because your writting the letter B dumbass!
me: ok retard. im gonna go i gotta go make actual money and actually hustle. People Nation for real son.
by Dj Trims May 06, 2009
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