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A retarded beatnik.
by Dj Jazzy Trevor May 10, 2004
The act of masurbating in a object, such as a can or container filled with warm, semisoft poo.
You are a poofucker
by Dj Jazzy Trevor May 09, 2004
A butt filled with Delicious green num-nums. If you stick your finger in a boogerbutt and scream "WEEEEEEEEEEEEE I AM A HAMSTER!" a magic monkey with a tiara and a penis enlargement pump will appear and grant you seven wishes, but they have to be wishes starting with the words "Fo Shizzal! Dis be my wish!" If you are nice and free the monkey forever, they say he will either summon brimstone and fire from the sky or take you to monkey world where you can eat bananas and play the butt trombone, depending on if you are good or evil.
"Weeeeeee! Boogerbutts for all!"
by Dj Jazzy Trevor May 06, 2004
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