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A pissed off cat who tries to walk around swiftly without being heard, but can't.. Wanna know why!? Because it's got this damn bell strapped around it's neck practically choking it to death and is heard from a mile away. Dreads waking up in the morning, I mean really.. If you had a damn bell strapped to your neck, would you want to wake up and go insane listening to that thing? I mean really, you'd start to scare the shit out of yourself! Also likes to throw up for no apparent reason after making weird randomly pitched noises.. Well, It might of been because of that Price Rite food that we fed it, BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT!! >:O!
Person 1: OMG I got a cat!

Person 2: What's it's name? :)

Person 1: Cupcake!!

Person 2: Asshole -_-
#cupcake #cup #cake #cat #bell
by DizzyThermal November 02, 2008
When you have a boner that doesn't move the pants. You normally get away with it unless someone bumps into you or has the nerve to touch it. A wonderful feeling when you see that extremely hot horny girl who is a slut in your grade that you would total bone. Yea, that one in English class with the double d boobs that bites her pen while delibrately looking at your junk. Yea, you know what I'm talking about. She has wet panties anytime you look at her.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that girl in English today? Oh my god!!!

Person 2: Yea, she had her eyes on you all day.

Person 1: Thank god I only had a Nate. Otherwise, I would have been humiliated!

Person 2: Rofl, noob...
#nate #nathan #boner #rofl #haha
by DizzyThermal September 14, 2008
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