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A Catholic School in Wichita Kansas, known for it's high learning standards, Kapaun has gained reputation for being a school where student doing drugs on school grounds namely cocaine,is common, dirty, dirty prostitutes, rainbow parties, herpies amoung the current junior class, and dirtier than dirt freshman girls.
Little boy: Mommy Mommy! That girl has herpies around her mouth!
Mom: Oh she probley goes to Kapaun Mt Carmel.

What color are you gonna be for the rainbow party tonight? i'm gonna be electric blue.

Kapaun Girl 1: Do I have to be teal color lipstick?
Kapaun Girl 2: Don't worry, it'll rub off.

(During third Planet job interview):
Worker:um...okay, what school did you attend or are currently attending?
KMCgirl: I attend Kapaun Mt Carmel
Worker:OKAY! you get the job.
by Dizzle6969 March 05, 2007

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