2 definitions by Dizzee Raz-cal

One's suppressed homosexual alter-ego.
Male Friend: Hey, Straight man, you're looking buff today!

*awkward silence*

Straight man: urrr...

Friend: (thinking to self) wow, my gaylias is up for it today!
by Dizzee Raz-cal April 26, 2011
Full-contact table-tennis, typically played within a squash court or similar walled arena. The objective is to hit opponent with the table-tennis ball, causing a pleasing stinging sensation.
Randomer: Hey you guys, why as well as being so awesome, do you look so pumped?
Dudes: (laughing to selves) It'd be down to the razzing, my friend, the razzing.
by Dizzee Raz-cal October 25, 2010

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