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New Zealands top indoor football (soccer) team


The Lol Squad whose sole aim is to end world poverty, stop political oppression in the Imperial State of Latvia, catch Osama Bin Laden and occasionally play a friendly game of football. . . they have currently have achieved none of the above.

The Lol Squad - New Zealands famous football (soccer) team most famously pounded Christchurch Football Club 19-1 at a legend game at the Lol Squad's home ground Old Trafford (not to be confused with Man United's) the team list stands currently

GK: Kev English
D: Kate(Now injured with broken toe from too much toe sex)
D: Jess The Chav
M: Ashlin the Negro
M: Lyndon the chain smoking porn rat
S: Gregg (the captain and lead goal scorer)

Tom Fraiser (Mr. Fraiser's son)
Native Woody
Fan 1: "Go Lol Squad!"
Fan 2: "Oh do you game?"
by Dizposible November 26, 2006
A points system divised by New Zealand celeb' Kevin C. Smith, a measure of coolness or respect if you may. Kev points are rewarded for many a thing most commonly for when they do something good, nice for him or using english sayings without thinking about it (e.g saying football instead of soccer). Kev Points can be exchanged for beer, lifts around town and of course sexual favours. Be warned though Kev Points can also be deducted and people with negative Kev Points are often spat on, punched or mocked by their friends.
Amber: "awww shit, im on -3 Kev Points coz i didn't give him that ice-cream he wanted"
by Dizposible November 26, 2006
The art of raiding the liquor cupboard of anything that can be used at party.

Old Folk Tale:

Suposidly created by an english lengend who migrated to New Zealand who comenced a "Kev Raid" on his cupboard finding two bottles of magic Baileys that lasted forever when he then took them to twelve consecutive parties.
"holy shit i swiped a bottle of voddy on a kev raid last night"
by Dizposible November 26, 2006
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