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A shopping cart used by a homeless black person to move their gear to and fro.
"Man, if I ever become homeless, I's be sure to get me's a nigger donkey to keep my empty bean cans in."
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
An anal fistfuck that ends with a nasty shit stain flecked with blood across the knuckles.
"The next time that fucking whore eats my Dinty Moore she's getting a Duke Mcfister!!!"
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
A complete fucking loser who tries to act cool and makes him/herself look even dumber than they actually are in the process.
" Man, that Gina chick was all tryin to show me up at the bar last night, and then she drank a Jell-O shot and fucking puked all over her friend's tits, what an Ass Carrot!!"
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
That sneaky bastard who uses someone else's handicap placard to steal an easy parking spot.
" Dammit Roy, what's so hard about walking 20 extra yards? Why d'ya have to be such a fucking Thalidomide Grinch?"
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
The act of waking up all horny after a party in someone's bed with what you presume to be a chick laying next to you, pulling the pants down and ramming your dick in their ass, only to find out it's a dude.
Man, I don't think Tommy and I are gonna be friends anymore after I woke him up at Jill's house this morning with an Iranian Rooster.
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
That stupid looking dork that your ex-girlfriend is now dating and swears is the greatest guy in the world.
" What the hell, Jimbo? You musta been a real prick to her, check out that fucking Bucky she's with now!"
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
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