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Instruction given to a person trying to exit a room using the wrong or locked side of a double door.
After being humiliated and verbally abused by the American Idol judges, Joe burst into tears when he could not open the left door on his way out of the audition room, at which point Simon yelled "other door" and rolled his eyes.
#american idol #misery #humiliation #judges #door #double
by Dixie123 January 18, 2007
Combination of freaking and retard. Used when children are in the car and a better word can't be substituted.
That jerk in the Hummer who just cut me off is a freaking freatard.
#freaking #frickin #freakin #retard #tard
by dixie123 October 05, 2006
Big ass stroller, sometimes double. Usually containing a fat 4 year old and his fat 3 year old sibling who appear to have working lower extremeties and should be walking. Often observed in elevators where at least 6 ambulatory people could fit instead.
I missed 3 straight elevators because they were all jammed up with mega strollers.
#fat ass #stroller #elevators #kids #ambulatory
by dixie123 November 25, 2006
Brats. Antisocial, spoiled, self indulgent, indulged children of hippy retards.
Billy isn't an indigo child, he's just a freakin brat.
#antisocial #spoiled #self indulgent #hippy #retard
by dixie123 October 05, 2006
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