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A slang term for U.K. travelers that has found its way to the Southern U.S. Sometimes called "Irish Travelers" decendents of tinkers let out of prisons to come to America. Known to be great scam and law suit artists. Exposed in 1999 20/20 episode, and frequently appear on the "Jerry Springer show"
1. A person who solicits remolding or some unlicensed or unbonded under the table pay construction work demanding money up front, works half the job and recieves final pay and then never returns.
2. A face fighter, this is the guy that gets in your face while your about to square off with his pal. This guy can be clipped at close range, take him out the minute he opens his beer hole.
3.Crooked toothed Ozark girls. Must have at least 12 teeth to qualify. Teeth are ruined and knarly due to inbreeding and close relations of families from Scotch Irish/ Black Irish/ Mulungin descent,not from meth abuse, or lack of tooth brush.
Common Surnames: Allen,Bradford,Brannon,Cates,Cardin,Dennis,Gentry,Hogan,Holland,Jackson,Masterson,Morris,Morrison,Murphy,Mc-"anything".
Common trades:
Carnies (Carnival workers)Carpenters, Painters,Pressure washers,Shade Tree machanic,Tire changers,Landscapers,Garden Tillers, etc.

"...You know what you get when you have 10 girls from Clinton in one room?...A full set of teeth..."
"...Man did you see that pikey toothed bitch working the carnival last night?
by Dixie Irish February 05, 2009
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