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A combination of strict and technical. It has twice the power of both of these words combined.
According to the most strictnical meaning...
by Division By Zorro December 27, 2003
1. v. to contest a matter of controversy
2. n. the contest itself, consisting of the best two-out-of-three paper/rock/scissors




2. ANYTHING may be jousted (even what you had for lunch)

3. if you call "no joust" after you say something, it cannot be jousted.

4. you CAN NOT "joust" a "no joust" call

5. Procedure is thus: A) someone says something B) someone calls "joust" or "no joust" C) If "joust" is called, proceed to step E D) if "no joust" is called, NOTHING HAPPENS E) After "joust" is called, immediately begin to farkle best two-out-of-three paper/rock/scissors F) when the winner is determined, the "joust" is over, and the winner is determined to be correct.

6. After the joust, the loser must verbally submit to the outcome, and declare it to be truth.
"Keanu Reeves is the worst actor in the world."


"Harrison Ford is the best actor in the world. No joust!"
by Division By Zorro December 26, 2003

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