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A word use by blacks and Mexicans to justify the need for hiring their own even when qualifications are not met. Their reasoning is that diversity is more important than quality. The reason they have not been financially successful in this free country is because of their race, ignoring their own kind that are educated and hardworking who are successful, ignoring other races like Asians who come to the U.S. not knowing the language or culture yet manage to build successful business through hard work. Whites use this word to keep from being called a racist. The word/meaning will continue to grow for the next 100 years until the minorities are the majority and there are still successful anglo-built businesses to bring down.
Our company will focus on diversity for all of our new hires (i.e. discriminate against anglos).
by Diversity Jones March 02, 2005
A crutch used mostly by blacks and sometimes hispanics to explain that they are not successful because of their skin pigment, ignoring other factors such as their education and/or work product.
My ho axed fo a job at Walmart but they be discrimination on us bros.
by Diversity Jones March 02, 2005

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