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Definitely unique and one of a kind. She's beautiful, usually with large dark eyes and thick lashes which make her look alluring and secretive. Thick dark hair and long legs. A cute pert little nose which can be sometimes mistaken for a 'snob nose' and yet she's one of the most down to earth girls you will ever meet. She's usually reserved around strangers and new people which makes others think she's aloof but in reality she's just a little shy. You must scale her walls to get to know her and once you do you'll find that she is crazy and a lot of fun. Very sophisticated and well spoken. With gorgeous curves she's a coy flirt who will draw you in and leave you wanting to know more about her. No one messes around with a Hanna otherwise they'll get it back ten times worse. Hopeless romantic and wants to travel the world one day. She has a sexy imagination and is a perfect lover. She dreams of finding her one true love one day. She laughs alot to cover her pain. Doesn't trust easily and she'll always be there for you if she's your friend. She won't let you down, she truly is one of a kind!
Person 1 : I love my best friend Hanna
Person 2 : Your'e very lucky to have her!
Person 1 : Yes, I know
by DitzyGirl09 September 30, 2012

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