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Trath is the word used when you combine trash with wrath and get a pile of angry shit! The only thing that comes from trath is a world of chaos which is useless and does not serve anyone, any good. If you are going to use trath in the real world, you would be subject to punishment by the God of creation and your soul would be thrown into the spiritual flame of purification. Never trath your home, for you will become sick, very fast, and try to escape the immense heat steaming from this immense pile of vomit. The shit that you create leaves a negative impact on the universe, so never eat of this shit, or you will die, very fast.
1. noun - Fuck this trath, you are an idiot!
2. verb - I am going to trath this place, because I hate everything!
by DiscoJohn October 29, 2011
A yarling is a darling that is positive. Yes + Darling = Yarling. Together, they combine for a perfect combination of a tasty love, which will last for eternity. I could eat a yarling, right now, if I really wanted to. :-)
1. The yarling is beautiful, and can do heavenly things.
2. A female yarling...
3. I love you, my yarling! <3
by DiscoJohn October 29, 2011

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