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Sidearm Frisbee, a Frisbee throwing technique, placing the disc between the thumb and first two fingers then throwing from the side. (similar to a sidearm baseball throw)

Ken Westerfield's sidearm distance record of 552 feet, with a 119 gram World Class Model Frisbee, Boulder Colorado 1978, and Victor Malafronte's, 538 feet also with a 119 gram Frisbee, not only have the longest sidearm throws of all time but are the best sidearm throwers of all time.

At a North American Series (NAS) Frisbee tournament in Dallas Texas, Westerfield became a member of the "400 club" with a prelim distance sidearm throw, and won the event with a throw of 378 feet, using a 119-gram World Class Model Frisbee. Only two competitors have officially ever thrown over 400 feet in competition with a 119-gram Frisbee (Lightweight disc by today's standard).

1978, in Boulder, Colorado, while doing a distance throwing demonstration at a North American Series (NAS) Event, Westerfield threw a sidearm 119-gram World Class Model Frisbee, 552 feet, shattering the official world distance record of 412 feet

Tournament officials marked and measured the throw at 552 feet. Since the introduction of heavy weight, sharp edge disc, the world record is now over 800 feet. However Westerfield's 552 feet is still the record for the sidearm throw
Sidearm Distance (Frisbee) is covered in several Wikipedia Articles
by Disc Sports August 01, 2012
Ken Westerfield (born May 23, 1947, Detroit Michigan) was a prolific, Hall of Fame, Frisbee (disc) player from the 60's and 70's. Westerfield is responsible for producing numerous tournaments, two World Records, many competitive wins in Freestyle and individual events, freestyle moves (body rolls) and competitive formats (pairs freestyle competition), Canadian Open, Toronto, Canada. 1974.
Articles in Wikipedia and FPA (freestyle players association) document the life and history of Ken Westerfield Frisbee pioneer
by Disc Sports July 27, 2012
In 1975 Ken Westerfield invented a Frisbee freestyle move call body rolls, (rolling the disc across out stretched arms and chest, or back), then introduced the move at a North American Series (NAS) tournament in Rochester, NY called the AFDO, (American Flying Disc Open). The hottest move of the day was called the Canadian Mind Blower. Westerfield would roll the Frisbee across out stretched arms and chest, to out stretched arms across the back (front to back roll). Today body rolls are an integral part of every freestyle routine
Articles on Frisbee body rolls are in several Wikipedia and FPA ( Freestyle Players Association) history of freestyle.
by Disc Sports July 28, 2012

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