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Emo Haircut...

Which is for guys: Shaggy, long, and usally clean. It always will cover one eye or almost all of one eye. It usally has more than one natural color hair dye in it. As in Brown hair with blonde, black,and red or vise versa. It does get done, even though you can not tell. (hairspray)

Girls: Shortish. Shoulder length, or longer, but does have lots of layers. Side bangs, in there face. Hardly ever tucked behind there ears. Ponys, or braids in the back, but still leting the bangs fly loose.
Guy: Nice new Emo haircut, i cant see your eye, but your hair looks clean.
Guy 2: Yeah i know, im to lazy to move it out of my eye. Did you know i brush my teeth in the shower too?
Guy: NICE Bro. 2 things at once.
by Disbeliever In Hope April 07, 2006
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