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Possibly the biggest cum-dumpster in Harry Potter, with the obvious exception of Dumbledore, who got sperminated by at least fifteen guys and got abortions for all of them except the Ginger fatass.

To correct an inaccuracy in grammar during sex.
Guy 1: Hermione's a total slut.

Guy 2: Well yeah but not as much as Dumbledore.

Guy 1: Well that goes without saying.

Guy 1: So how'd things go last night?

Guy 2: Real good at first... But then she totally Hermione'd me. I yelled "Who are you fucking!" and she was like, "That SHOULD BE WHOM! WHOM ARE YOU FUCKING" And after that I developed ED.

Guy 1: Don't you mean "Really WELL at first?"
by Disappointed Weasley January 07, 2011

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