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A term of endearment to a carnal female... one who is without soul whose passion is to be used degraded.
She was a mere fleshling who let me do anything I wanted to her.
by Dis of Plutos March 04, 2005
Extreme exclamation of delight... usually of a sexually deviant nature.
Sammy Hagar looked at the little asian boy and exclaimed, " Hey, little asian boy! Why don't you come over here and mix a martini in my ass?! Hwahh!!"
by Dis of Plutos March 08, 2005
Derived from poontang, moontang is the homosexual vagina, or anus.
As the homosexual viewed a passing man's buttocks, he exclaimed," Wow, I'd love to get me some of that sweet moontang!"
by Dis of Plutos March 04, 2005
Defined by the act of "taking". Though it does not denote stealing in the common sense. Manipulation or redefinition of existing facts.
She didn't like sodomy, so I told her that she was scamming me and that it hurt my feeling, so she gave in and we lived happily ever after.
by Dis of Plutos March 02, 2005

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