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When the man uses hot sauce as lube and fucks his partner. Either up the ass or in a girl's pussy. The feeling is that of a thousand bees stinging your hole. This method can be used in the getting community.
Devils cock: when hot sauce is used during sex instead of lube.

Girl: my ass still burns from last night.
Friend: what happened?
Girl: my boyfriend fucked me with hot sauce instead of normal lube.
Friend: that sounds like it hurts.
by DirtyJack September 08, 2015
Means a woman who has had many partners and has some type of Sexually Transmit Disease.
She has slept with the whole school. She has been around the bar several times. She slept with my best friend after they were together he realized she had a Funky beaver.
by Dirtyjack April 13, 2011

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