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2 definitions by Dirtyblazer09

A street slang name for an AK-47 assault rifle, also known as a "chopper" or "yopper".

Most commonly used to refer to an illegally owned AK-47, usually owned by a drug dealer.
Cop: "Why did you kill 'D-bo'?"
Suspect: "Man, D-bo stole the stick. Why D-bo gotta steal my stick man?"
by Dirtyblazer09 September 21, 2011
11 2
A definite finishing line in an argument. Usually crosses the line and is a very offensive statement, but results in a decisive and unanimous win for the person who executes it.
Jones and I were arguing for about an hour last night, til I hit him with the killshot and told him I turned his lesbian sister straight with my cock of glory.

"I'll dig your mother up out of the grave and skull fuck her!"
"Damn, killshot!"
by Dirtyblazer09 September 22, 2011
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