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2 definitions by DirtyLittleSecret

Local nickname for the town of Oberlin, LA. So called due to the large number of hoes who reside in the town. Residents actually used to spray-paint the letter "H" in front of "Oberlin" on city limit signs.
Man, you definitely want to meet this girl...you know you'll get lucky, she's from Hoberlin!
by DirtyLittleSecret June 13, 2008
A small town of about 2000 people in Southwestern Louisiana. One red light, a couple of gas stations, and the dollar store. Local teens amuse themselves by "looping" Main Street (3 whole blocks) and having casual sex with their peers. Girls are, in fact, known for their "hoeing" proclivities (see Hoberlin). Residents of Oberlin celebrate a very traditional Mardi Gras celebration, beginning with a chicken run in the early morning hours, continuing with a long procession of vehicles and horses throughout the countryside, proceeding into a parade, and finally a gumbo-and-dance event at night...all done while wearing costumes and drinking large quantities of alcohol.
Hey, y'all...let's go to Oberlin tomorrow for Mardi Gras!
by DirtyLittleSecret June 13, 2008