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An often larger than expected bag of the tastiest treats available at Parker's Market in Savannah, GA. The "scoonage" can be found at the center of the store in large clear jars.
Murdoc: Yo Tweezy we need to get that scoonage bro.

Tweezy: scoooooooonage

Shrek: hey man, hit this.

by DirtyFeet February 03, 2009
An act preformed by either a male or female on two males at the same time. The two males lay on their backs (boners in the air), the third party bends at the waist, legs straight (get a good stretch). The third party is now in position to "roll the dice". Now that the hand position similar to dice rolling is made place a hand on each of the said boners and get to rolling!
Barry: Hey buddy, let's go get Lindsay and see if she wants to play ankle dice.

Anthony: Lindsay is good, but let's ask Sarah... she's the high roller.

Barry: Keep on rollin'!!
by DirtyFeet January 30, 2009

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