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An acronym that stands for Fingering And Light Masterbation, a precursor to sex for many teenagers, and a safe alternative for those who wish to save themselves for marriage.
Rupert is yet to have sex with Mildred, although they have indulged in a bit of harmless FALM.
by DirtyDr February 04, 2009
To casually walk around the city of Amsterdam. Originally conceived after the city's Vondle Park, where many of the inhabitants spend their leisure time, the term vondle has recently been applied to any form of unhurried strolling.
Shall we visit another coffee shop, or do you fancy a bit of a vondle?

I've been vondling all day and my feet are absolutely killing me!

I'm just off on a vondle to pick up a couple of broodje's.
by DirtyDr February 04, 2009
Shortened version of the word jenkem, and in the same way is used to describe fermented urine and faeces, the vapors of which are inhaled to produce a mind bending high.

Since the popularity of jenkem has grown, the term jenks has been applied to any intoxicating substance such as cannabis or opium.
Jules: "Hey Dr, got any spare jenks?"
Dr: "Yes Jules I have some lovely jenkem that I have freshly prepared for you."
by DirtyDr February 03, 2009

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