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a peverse sexual act involving ejaculation of semen and use of pubic hair. firstly the male pubic region is shaved, the female then begins felatio upon the male,at the point of ejaculation the male withdraws his penis from the females mouth and ejaculates semen all over her face (commonly known as a money shot) the pubic shavings are then thrown onto the semen to resemble a monkeys face!
"alright darling can i give you a monkey face?"
by Dirty stiles September 17, 2003
a male bonding pastime, involing a sexual act, usually in a hotel room.
A bloke brings a bird back to a shag, before doing this he tips his mates off and gives them a key to the room where he plans to take her. All his mates hide in the room in various places such as wardrobes, behind curtains and in cupboards etc. everyone stays deadly silent when the couple enter the room, the couple begin sex (preferably doggy) then all the blokes jump out and shout buckaroo! the aim of the game is to see how long the bloke can stay on for before the girl freaks out. jumping out naked is not approved as it can be misconstrued as attempted gang rape!
i set a new buckaroo record of 10 seconds last night
by Dirty stiles September 17, 2003
a peverse sexual act involving excretion from the anus and ejaculation from the penis
the man excretes on the womans body, usually the chest, he then ejaculates on the excretion hence resembling a walnut whip
by Dirty stiles September 17, 2003

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