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3 definitions by Dirty sexy

League of the Heartless Bastard (or commonly seen L.O.T.H.B.) is a gentlemans league of heartless bastards. They are very classy prim and proper men, founded in the mid-west reigion of the united states all members are remain nameless as to keep the gentlemans league a mystery.
Look at that League of the Heartless Bastards, astounding!
by Dirty sexy February 18, 2010
4 4
A la creme of the crop, founded in the mid-west region of america. they are devoted to the streets, Backed by founders Danny Stacks and Bobby Fresh. "its a lifestyle choice" and "Tee Dee! " or "Tee Dee Ay!" can commonly be heard being yelled out by a topp dawg member
i just got jumped by the topp dawgs
by dirty sexy February 18, 2010
2 2
a fake half asain half mexican.
that niggas all sesame bean and shit
by Dirty sexy February 17, 2010
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