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It's when a person who you think is your close friend goes behind your back and proceeds to tell the female your seeing a barrage of negativity about yourself in hopes to lure her away from you and into his "Hater Hands"
John: Hey I know that you have strong feelings for Matt but I just wanted to tell you that the other night I watched him get two phone numbers from a couple different girls.
Female: Wow what an asshole!
John: Here hop on the back of my vespa and I'll take you out for some frozen yogurt to cheer you up!
Female: Hey John told me what you've been up to and I don't appreciate you treating me like another notch on your belt!
Matt: Well I don't know what he said but don't believe him. The guy has the biggest pair of Hater Hands you'll ever encounter!
by Dirty beanz the poet July 21, 2009
It derives from the background music on old Porn flicks. Its similar to bow chica wah wah but shorter and to the point. It originated in Amherst NY in the late 90's by a group of friends in High school who would use this sound to alert another friend that there is an attractive female in the general area. It's other use is to poke fun at at a male friend for showing affection towards a female.
Ron and Matt are engaged in a conversation. Ron looks up and sees an attractive female walking towards them. Ron then says Pewr Tewr and Matt looks over his shoulder and shakes his head in agreement.

Kevin and Kim are in the stairwell holding hands. From the floor above Tom shouts down the stairs Pewr Tewr in an obnoxious tone. Kevin, now embarrassed looks up to see his buddies laughing and pointing at him.
by Dirty beanz the poet July 20, 2009
when a person hates on another person for moving to a new place with hopes to improve their life.
Kevin: Yo I cant believe that Ron moved to North Carolina. I hope it works out for him.
Chris: He'll be back in 3 months or less...guaranteed!
Kevin: damn dude you really love to flex those hater toes.
by Dirty beanz the poet July 20, 2009

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