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Anus, Butthole, Ass
Hey guys, guess what, I put my finger in her doodie hole!
by Dirty Sally April 09, 2010
The posting of private email threads in order to bring a shower of shit down upon the people involved in the messages.
"Ima post this Threadgate and everyone will see what a douche you and your friends are", or

"Ima send this Threadgate to your worst enemy so that they can post them all over the internet and make ya'll look like fuckin gossiping idiots with too much time on your hands"
by Dirty Sally April 09, 2010
When you are reading a blog or an article and there's a link.
You click on the link and WHOAAA! there's a porn clip from someone you recognize. Someone who is quite well known and famous in their sphere. Someone who made that clip when they were much younger and more stupid. And it goes viral.
"OMG I was on this blog and I found this link to a porn site and I recognized the tattoos and I was like OMG Whoregate!!! so I sent the link to all my friends and put it in my blog too"
by Dirty Sally April 09, 2010
When the female has pigtails use them as a motorcycle whilst in her arsehole
Dude I was in Ireland the other day and gave this girl a right dirty sallie
by Dirty sally March 29, 2015
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