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Going from anal sex to vaginal sex. Commonly attempted without consent in an underhanded, mischievous, or bastard like manner.
Some asshole tried to pull a Dirty Rogue on me last night, so I punched him in the taint.
by Dirty Rogue October 17, 2009
A playful term used for a purse, bag, or satchel carried by a man which gives him the appearance of being gay.
Aaron: Hey, check out my new bag. The pleather shoulder strap makes it so comfortable to wear, and it goes with everything.

Levi: What bag? Oh, you mean that Homo Satchel! Do you use that to carry your tampons in?...Faggot
by Dirty Rogue October 20, 2009
Using the word faggot to get someone's attention, thereby implicating them in faggotry should they respond.
Eric: Hey faggot, guess what?

Ryan: What?

Eric: Dude, you just fell right into the ol' faggot trap! Now get your eyes of my junk, faggot! I don't swing that way.
by Dirty Rogue December 07, 2009
A ballcuzzi using lukewarm soda pop to sink your sack into. The soda's carbonation mixed with the bubbles being blown enhance the sensation to the scrotal zone.

For you ballsy mother fuckers (pause for laughter), try the Scrota Pop with an alka-seltzer...go on...no one's watching....except Jesus.
- Hey man, you wanna come to the Evanescence concert with me tonight?

- Evanescence? Nah dude I've got a can of Strawberry Kiwi Shasta, I think I'm just gonna stay in and enjoy a Scrota Pop tonight. Thanks though.
by Dirty Rogue October 22, 2009
Products relating to vaginal upkeep, refreshment, or stimulation.
Brandon: ...So she asked me to pick up some tampons and I was like, "bitch get your own twat-letries".

Calvin: Nice! We're still going tanning right?

Brandon: Hells yeah!
by Dirty Rogue March 20, 2010

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