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Fill up a rubber with cum and place in freezer overnight. After freezing takes place, remove rubber for a creamy treat.

A real San Fransisco treat!
Hey Sailor, how bout a nice frosty cocksickle?
by Dirty Pig November 03, 2003
A real fucked up teenager who is completely out of control, is usally banging his/her father at the age of 12 and has no sense of maturity or responsibility whatsoever. A teen so fucked up you'd see him/her on the Jerry Springer show.
I can't believe her daughter hit her! She's got a real Springer teen on her hands!
by Dirty Pig November 05, 2003
A burner fart that comes out silent and without warning. For best effect, do this in an elevator before you get off - then watch the people who get on scream as the doors close trapping them inside.
Ok, who let out a silent burner in the elevator? DAAAAAAMN!
by Dirty Pig November 05, 2003
Those really dumb-ass looking rear spoilers that extend more than 1 foot above the trunk of a car. These are usually attached to rice rockets, and for the most part only ever used by nips and chinks with these rediculous wings.
Good lord! Check out that 4-foot nipper wing on the back of that Civic! Hey, that car is driverless! Oh no wait it's just a short Chinese guy.
by Dirty Pig November 05, 2003
How illiterate gansta niggas pronounce "house"
Yo yo YO WHASSUP in the howww!
by Dirty Pig November 03, 2003
One of those farts that burn on the way out. Usually occurs some time after having the Hot Tamale Special at Uncle Pedro's Mexican Grill.

These farts can usually burn the nose hairs off anyone in a 2-mile radius.
Maaaaan! I've got some killer burners today!
by Dirty Pig November 05, 2003
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