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Any of various small, mostly tailless, extinct flying black reptiles of the order Negrosauria that existed during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
The negrodactyl was mostly found on the southside of Pangea.
by Dirty Old Smokes April 13, 2006
A chiefly social greek organization found at colleges and universities comprised of and run by flying black dinosaurs.
"I turned away that new pledge and directed him to Negro Phi Dactyl. We just don't have room for dinosaurs in our house," said the Pi Kappa Alpha President.
by Dirty Old Smokes April 13, 2006
The end result of a medical condition which entails a gradual blackening of the brain.
Mr. Smith wore a shirt and tie to work on Monday and by Friday sported a NY Yankees jersey, a doo rag and a grill. The office concluded that he had a negrocephalon.
by Dirty Old Smokes April 13, 2006
A retail store or specialty shop located in large metropolitan areas that cater to the clothing needs of black adolescent females.
Laquesha said, "I'm tired of The Gap, let's go to Negrodelias."
by Dirty Old Smokes April 13, 2006
A new species of fish, the pelagic tropical ray feeds on plankton and smaller fish; usually harmless but its size make it dangerous if harpooned or intoxicated. Often mistaken for being of Judaic descent, the female Manda Ray is characterized by its large mammary glands and little body.
"Who is that new fish shuffling through the ball?" asked the lobster. "Oh her, that's the Manda Ray," said the sea otter.
by Dirty Old Smokes April 13, 2006
Erotic attraction to or sexual contact with black or african american corpses.
The man was arrested and charged with negrophilia. He was later admitted into a mental institution.
by Dirty Old Smokes April 13, 2006

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