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(Noun) One of the most anticipated MC's based in Chicago, with phenomenal lyrical skills with a husky voice that is far different from the average so called rapper. Also know as Rusty and Mr. Chains he is a member of Family Jewels accompanied by Matlock. Rusty's Début solo Album “Battle Scars to prove it” On Gravel Records is a necessary album to add to any CD collection in which can be appreciated and takes you back the essentials to real underground hip-hop. This Rapper does more than just record an album; Rusty actually does shows that are some of the best in the Chicago. This is a name in surely many will start to hear more often.
1.) Yo, you pick up that new Rusty Chains album, cause that shit is hot!

2.) You going to the next show that Rusty Chains is going to be performing at?

3.) You got a cold, Damn you sound like Rusty Chains
by Dirty Laundry May 22, 2004

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