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3 definitions by Dirty Larry

Running munchies. Runchies are the food cravings that you get after running or other intense workout. These cravings are very tough to satisfy, and seem to never end.
I just ran 8 miles, now I've got serious runchies that only chipotle can satisfy.
by Dirty larry January 29, 2014
A whole lot of whoopass, usually invited.

Originates in the first Dirty Harry movie, in which the bad guy pays a thug to beat him up so it can be blamed on Harry. The thug looks the bad guy in the eye just before getting started, sees his expression and says, "you really want two hundred dollars' worth."
He kept annoying me, so I gave him 200 dollars' worth.
by Dirty Larry May 15, 2004
A number you can dial on some telephone switches to have the line's number read back to you.
A: What't the number on this phone?
B: No idea. Call 811.
by Dirty Larry May 15, 2004