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The act of farting in a jar and then putting it in a freezer, turning it into a solid. Then you have a friend (or anyone) over to your house and then you offer them some water. Instead of putting ice in the water, you put your fart in. This causes them to drink your fart, and their drink will smell really bad.
Carl: Dude, this water smells like shit. What's wrong with it?
Tyler: You just got Montana Stanky Dranked!
by Dirty Goolash October 30, 2009
1. Traveling without shoes on foot

2.Traveling a long distance on foot, most likely without shoes.
Kyle:Hey can you give me a ride home?
Kyle:Alright, I'll just African foot it.

Example 2
Tony:I had to walk all the way home barefoot last night.
Keith:Oh, you were African footing it?
by Dirty Goolash October 10, 2010
When dry-humping a girl, you get a bit too excited and get to the brink of cumming. When you cum you clench your fists, squint, crouch a little, and scream "I'm cumming!" You then continue to fart and sit down by your significant other.
Cerekius:I was with my grandma last weekend and had an embarrassing moment.
Tyrell:What was it?

Cerekius:I totally pulled a JB.
by Dirty Goolash October 09, 2010

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