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1) The saliva build up that acurs when a chick throat fucks (gagging and so fourth) upon a genorouslly proportioned cock. The sobber is usually covering the entire penis and the cock sucker mouth ,with ocational strings and bubbles of spit emerging. VERY HOT; VERY RARE

2) The precum that oozes out of aroused dick holes.
1) A good blow job comes with spit; a great blow job comes with cock slobber

2) That chick got me so horny , I pitched a tent full of cock slobber.
by Dirty Dustin October 22, 2006
1)The physically unidentified mechinism that is experience; the fondation of perception; the self; an entagible collection of data obtained by way of the senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, etc.).

The truth of conciousness is that no one knows what it is or were to look for it. The brain physically responds the same to actual experience, as it does to imagined experience, but the conscious mind is aware of the difference between the actual and imagined. The consciousness is opperating seperate form the brain. Perception tells us that the concious mind resides in our heads, but we can not identify it's physical location.
This brings us to quantum physics. I don't pretend to know anything about quantum physics, but there is this question of were atomic particals are going as they move in and out of existence, as they constently do. finally there is the fact that the large majority of space is vacum, including all of matter. Apparently matter is not as solid as it seems. Most of the volume of matter is the vacum (space) between the particals (constently comeing in and out of existence, sometimes seeming to be in two places at one time) that make up it's mass. Is consciousness the living vacum residing within these biochemical masses of matter?
The Consciousness is the gateway to god.
by Dirty Dustin October 22, 2006
1)When a hot chick gets on her knees and is surrounded by cocks all slapping her in the face, while a spectator jerks off and cums on her face.

2)When a hot chick strokes two dicks next to her face while another guy watches and jerks off, then cums on her face.

3)When a chick gets her mouth fucked by another girl with a strap-on, while a dude watches and jerks off on the chick's face.

4) Anytime a guy watches and jerks off, while a girl gives a blow job (with lots of cock slobber) to one or more guys and/or chicks with strap-ons. The spectator usually cums on the chick's face.

5) The male spectator figure in any of the above situations.
1)She got a dirty dustin all over her face.

2)Dirty dustin is like porno fantasy camp.

3)You probably think I'm a dirty dustin, don't you?
by Dirty Dustin October 24, 2006
The polar opposite of Love; Love with a negative charge. To dislike something or someone with a passion.
I hate that bitch so much I can't stop thinking about her and that shitty little bitch attitude. I hate her so much I get excited about talking shit about her. Fuck that stupid bitch with a diseased elephant dick!..... ahhh, thats better.
by Dirty Dustin January 03, 2007
1) verb- To use or represent incorrectly.

2) noun- An individual who uses or represents something incorrectly.

1) The religious fanatics (Islamic Terrorist, Christian Crusaders, etc.) pervert their religion, in order to gain political and militant power.

2) Where is the fucking TV remote, dam-it? That pervert stuck the remote up his ass. That's probably were my lighter went too!
by Dirty Dustin November 06, 2006
1) All of existence; All things known and unknown to man; the whole incompassed reality preceived and unpreceived; all things including time space and other unidentified dementional planes.

2) The abstract concept of an intelligent creator of all of existence, physical and metaphysical; the creator of the heavens, the earth, man, and all of life.

3) A deity with power and domain on Earth and in the nether worlds; an interdementional being; a terrestrial being technologically capable of traveling through dementional planes,thusly passing through time space; an Alien; an Angel; a Demon

4) The creator figure worshipped by Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions;
The single intelegant all knowing all powerful leader of man and spirit.

5) A deity worshipped by non Jews, non Christians, non Islamics; a pagan deity worshipped for it's attributed earthly or cosmic powers and responsabilities.

6) A human with a moving presence and purpose; a person that captures the essence of a time, era, movement, or media; a Rock Star,Poet, Artist, Political Leader, etc. that moves someone or some group of people profondly.

7) An extremelly sexually attractive person; An extremelly proficient sexual partner.
1) God is everthing and everywere. God is time and space. God is infinite.

2)God created the Sun, and all the planets; God created all matter in the cosmos. God created love and passion; God created hate and pain.

3) The being seemed to be in my mind as it stood before me; it used my own mind to comunicate with me; this being seemed to be made of light or the lack of it; the being seemed to be able to transfer from place to place without moving; it was either a hullucination or a god.

4)The Islamic terrorist flew planes into the buildings and killed hundreds of people in the name of God. The Crusaders killed thousands of people because those people did not believe in the Christian God. The Jews are called God's chosen people.

5) The wine flows as the roman women worships the god Dionisos tonight. If you anger the god Posidon, he will sink your ship.

6) Jim Morrison is a god.

7) She is a god; I am obssesed with her beauty.
by Dirty Dustin October 22, 2006
The act of bring a cock (penis) to climax, with your mouth.
I totally fucked her mouth dude. She gaged and slobbered on my cock, sucking and slurping, making bubbles from spit all around my dick head. She sucked my prick till I came no her face. She basiclly gave me a "blow job". It was good!
by Dirty Dustin October 21, 2006

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