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The art of the puppy dog is complimented by the wet nose effect, and must be taken seriously!!!To really succeed in this maneuver you must first become familiar with the term "CLIT COMMANDER". After eating a girl out for a while and shes getting used to the tongue, you proceed to wet your nose with your finger tip and dive in "nose first" stimulating the clitoris by repeatedly shaking your head in disaprovment or the NO movement.
She fuckin loved the puppy dog I gave her! she had no idea!
by Dirty Double D January 15, 2007
Face fucking a female with a big mouth full of jell-o. Flavors are decided upon aquired taste and should be experimented thoroughly.(different flavours add for different textures)
"Hadley man, i pulled the first slippery smirk and she loved it, gave her what she needed to top off her jell-o too".
by Dirty Double D March 05, 2007

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