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Pudding Nuggets is a term used in describing how you did the dirty deed. (In being how you went the number 2)
John did some nasty Pudding Nuggets in the bathroom last night and it smelled nasty.
#pudding #nuggest #nasty #fart #real
by Dirty Deed March 31, 2009
Arial Attack is just like a hot carol only in the form of a suprise.
John did an Arial Attack on Jason last night and now Jason is in rehab.
#airal #attack #john #jason #funny
by Dirty Deed April 01, 2009
A bad ass. A real bad ass like Chuck Norris or Superman. A really fast car.
Man that Billy Bob has a really fast Corvette.. It is a sack of hell.
#badass #kickass #bitchin #over the top #honking
by dirty deed August 12, 2015
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