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Much alike hogging, this is a judgement on the size of a splosher your no standards, man-whore flatmate has brought back home after a night out. It is simply out of ten - the greater the number the harder it is for her to fit down the corridor of your shitty student flat ie. a ten may require grease or a pole.
"Oh shit Tom's bagged a large girl. She must be an eight on the corridor scale. Fetch the butter or I'm not gonna be able to get out the front door for work."
by Dirty Dazzy-D June 08, 2006
When a girl is beyond obese, usually to the point of blocking out the sun and/or obscuring tang.

Would usually get full marks in a hogging contest.
"Normal you can see the whole garden and antelope galloping across the fields beyond, but a splosher is in the way"
by Dirty Dazzy-D June 08, 2006

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